The 30th Anniversary Celebration

After 30 years of development, China's ceramic manufacturing level has reached the world leading level. At present, from the raw material preparation, forming, decoration, firing to the cool processing, sorting packaging and other mechanical equipment, whether from the product types, quantity, quality, or technical content, the Chinese ceramic machinery and equipment have reached the world leading position. From the stand-alone design and manufacture to the whole line of engineering design integration, the Chinese ceramic machinery is undoubtedly an important force of the world's ceramic technology and equipment. More than 100 tons of ball mill, 10,000 tons of molding machine, 450 meters long firing furnace and so on, are putted into production and application with our own independent intellectual property rights and energy-saving effect has been significantly improved.


June 1st to 4th this year, in CERAMIC CHINA@Unifair 2017, will be held in Guangzhou, a large number of advanced technology and equipment and color glaze products will be on display. The scale of this exhibition will reach 100,000 square meters, become a veritable biggest exhibition in the world. The exhibition covers the resources integration platform of ceramic raw materials, decorative materials, technological machinery & equipment, spare parts and design services, and the upstream products of ceramic industry will be available in all varieties. It will extend to the equipment technology of tableware ceramics, sanitary ceramics, advanced ceramics and so on with diversified contents and sectors.